KTD's principal associates are well established business, industry, and technology professionals …..

Each with more than twenty years' broad international experience in:
Technology Development
Plant Management & Operations
Strategic Planning
Corporate Management

….. As well as the leadership of major international capital projects including:

  • International Finance
  • Labor Relations
  • Governmental Liaison
  • Environmental Controls
  • Logistics
  • Site Selection
  • Project Management
  • Import/Export
  • Product Development
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Equipment Design
  • Purchasing
  • Mining

Pictured from top: David M. Krakoff, CEO & President; Alan R. Phillips, Executive Vice President; and  M.E. "Pat" Davey, Vice President Engineering & Project Management.

Senior Executives
With Major Global Companies:
KTD's principal associates have served as senior technologists, managers, executives, and officers with leading, worldwide, multi-billion dollar metals industry, industrial, and consumer companies such as Kaiser Aluminum, Southwire Company, and AB Electrolux

Global Experience: 

KTD's associates have worked in most of the world's
major and emerging markets including:

The Americas:  US · Canada · Mexico · Central & South America
Western & Eastern Europe ·Russia · Former USSR Republics
Africa · Middle East· China · Asia · India · Pacific Rim

KTD's leadership team is multi-cultural and multi-lingual.
We are at home and adept in business environments throughout the world.

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