Entering new foreign markets:  Successfully & Profitably.

KTD's broad global business background adds substantial value  to our clients' international business development programs

Each year, more companies determine that it is in their strategic and competitive interests to conduct business in the global market place.

Faced with this challenge, many companies find that some of the key skills and contacts required for the development and execution of international growth strategies are outside of their expertise.  KTD can provide those skills, contacts, and core competencies and help our clients make successful entries into new world markets.  This includes:

Establishing New Foreign Subsidiaries
Forming Sales & Marketing Organizations
Building Manufacturing Facilities
Conducting Market Research
Managing Market Entrance Strategies
Developing Advertising & Publicity
Creating Service & Support Networks
Managing Intellectual Property Issues
Coordinating Logistics & Supply
Recruiting Management Personnel
Recruiting & Training A Local Work Force
Managing Labor Relations
Governmental Liaison
Arranging Office & Warehouse Space

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