KTD offers a complete range of expertise for both green site and brown site smelter development projects, going well beyond that of a traditional technology provider.

KTD brings unequalled added value to major aluminum industry projects in the following areas:

World class aluminum reduction & process control technology

KTD-designed technologies are built around the most advanced design and operational criteria.  Our projects may involve the design, demonstration & placement of proprietary KTD technologies or the refinement and utilization of existing technologies.

Recruitment of owner-investors and operators
Via our global network of aluminum industry ties and contacts  - 

Our ability to speak with the authority earned from years of hands-on aluminum experience across the globe  - 
And the incomparable
insider's perspective  that comes from occupying senior positions with major international aluminum producers and leading industrial multinationals.

Global strategic alliances

KTD brings important strategic alliance partners to our projects.  We have strong alliance relationships with leading global EPCM companies, materials handling equipment companies, alumina sources, equipment vendors, off-takers and others.

Financing & bankability

KTD can illustrate the "bankability" of our projects through the feasibility studies that are part of our development model.  KTD assists owners and project developers in structuring the required project financing.  We add particularly strong value by illustrating to financiers that proper business assumptions and design criteria are built into our projects.

Operations & management service

KTD's professionals have exceptional operational and management backgrounds.  We bring effective, proven, world class management expertise to our projects via management contracts.  These services are available for project start-up's & ramp-up's, for short or long-term needs, or for crisis management circumstances.

KTD Fills A Unique Niche In The Aluminum Industry
KTD is the only firm of its type in the aluminum industry.  It is the only independent consulting firm capable of offering the full spectrum of talent required to take any aluminum project from the drawing board to full scale operations.  We provide these services to smelter projects as well as the other integrated and downstream businesses that are often desirable to associate with them.  This is a scope of expertise that until now was available only within the major aluminum companies.

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